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Good technical skills
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 Shanghai Suyi Decoration Materials Co.,Ltd. is located in Qingpu industrial zone, Qingpu district, Shanghai, China. It has became the leading company work on PVC edge band produce.
  As a professional produce edge band factory, we not only supply edge band, but also impress one kinds of cultural trend, expressing the continual purse for person toward life and art.
  We will bring you the world popular trend that can lead the china marketing mix domestic and foreign fashionable style, high quality decorative Edge band products. We aim at “share prosperous with you”, follow to “Thinking for customer idea, Making for customer need, leading decorative edge band trend” as management  idea, considering design and style as leader, all-round service as center.
  Our new products development
  By design and style express the cultural trend, our technologic talents absorb international furniture, cupboard, office equipment, education equipment and upholstering fashionable trend. We cooperate with one-class design company, expression the unique cultural connotation, challenge the tradition, our innovation’s style is suitable to you and your customer’s need, we also can according to your special need to design and development the new products, making your products row over in marketing.
  Our mold development
  In order to grasp the marketing need, making the stylist idea transfer into new products, our mold department is the effective guarantee for developing products. We own advanced lever in processing center, electric spark, line-cutting machine,machine tool and precision grinder, these wholes sets of mold processing equipment, we will compehensive implementation computer auxiliary and manufacturing, constant drawing advanced technology from international mold industry.
  Products Sell Well in the world
  High quality, complete kinds, various styles and the improving market coverage rate bring our company good reputation in our country. The products have already found a good sale in Middle East , South Africa , Russia , Southeast Asia , etc. Our company is equipped with strong scientific and research team, skilled technologic talents, modernized production equipment and advanced processing crafts which endow our products high appreciative value in addition to good function and durability.
  Best Services
  The responsible representatives on behave of the customers are the talents of our company. They have gained rich experience in offering all-round services from the product choice to delivery. 
  On time through the decades of billions of orders. Especially encountering the urgent delivery and nonstandard orders, they will make great effort to satisfy their customers under the principle “Quality First, Customer First”, which fully proves their existing value.
  Rich techonoical talent and the producing ability
  Our company provided with four bases, the designers, color mixers and experienced operators can specifically design, mold and produce the products with perfect appearance according to your different requirement. When you don’t know how to describe what color or style you want you can turn to us. Our company always collects the latest information in the market to follow the quickly-changing demands.
  As soon as you have decided the color, style and material we will send you a sample for your confirmation before the production. It’s so simple. You only dial the No. +86-21-31255333. We do all for you.

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